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G.O.A.T. Pontoon Trailer - 20 to 32ft

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Features and Specifications

Top Class All-Aluminum PontoonTrailer 

Adjustable single, tandem and triple axle trailers. Axles are 3500# or 5200# depending on configuration. All axles are adjustable. 

OPTIONAL: Electrical drum or hydraulic. Also hydraulic disk and electric over hydraulic disc

Bunks are 2×6″ vinyl wrapped treated lumber.

Through bolted zinc plated 3″ wide, heavy duty  7000# coupler for 2″ hitch ball. Capable of up-to-straight 18000# for 2-5/16″ hitch ball.

There are 3 D -rings, one on each side relocated on the back and one on the winch stand in the front.

LED lifetime warranty tail lights. Protected industry standard 4 way flat harness

Attractive aluminum diamond plate fenders.


Main frame tubing – rectangular aluminum- 2×5, 2×6, 2×7 extruded double hollow

Stylish, custom Wolverine graphics through-out.

Grease Fittings
On spindles that lubricate both inner and outer bearings.

Galvanized 5 or 6 bolt hubs depending on configuration.

License Plate Holder
Located for easy view and also out of the way keeping your plate in perfect condition for the life of your trailer. Surely you’ve seen beat up and bent license plates on trailers because they were put in a very inconsiderate place on the trailer. You’ll keep your lifetime trailer plate in great condition. Particularly if you are from Michigan or another state that has lifetime trailer plates (view)

All LED – Lifetime warranty. Every lighted location including 2 amber and 2 reds on both sides. 2 long slimline tail lights and 3 lights identification bar in the back. Last but not least is the license plate light. Backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

Load Guides
Adjustable, carpeted 8 ft 2×6″ load guides.

Safety Features
The safety chain is an upgraded #7,600 breaking strength chain. It absolutely costs a bit more but so well worth the extra few bucks. Not only that, but the S hooks are big enough to actually hook on to something. We have seen chains so small that they won’t hold.

Extra wide, deluxe 4 step board ladder with handrail.

Double eye 4 leaf spring. 3500# rated at 1750#.

3500# axle is ST 185 13″ radial tires. Load Range D, 1710# rating per tire. 5200# axle i ST225R15 radial tire. Load Range E. Maximum Load 2630#.

3×5, 3×6, 3×7 double or triple hollow aluminum rectangle tongue.

Tongue Jack
5000# with removable 6″ wheel.

Long-lasting yellow zinc u-bolts through-out.

Stylish aluminum 5 or 6 bolt.

Rated at 1600#, includes 2″ x 20′ web strap with snap hook.

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